KNAVE customizes and publishes for you on the IOS and Android Stores a mobile application in your colors that allows your prospects and customers to easily consume your new pay-per-use service.
Without development and maintenance costs for you, the mobile application will accurately reflect your dedicated content and the brand values you wish to convey.
Knave pays you the full amount of the revenue generated keeping a minor management fee per rental day, which offsets your primary monthly rent paid to KNAVE in just few days of use.
BtoBtoC pay-per-use solution KNAVE
The mobile application manages according to your needs among following functionalities:
The Customer onboarding through a high-level KYC
Specific authorizations for use (driving license, age restrictions,...)
The reservation of equipments and accessories
Payments and caution deposits
The deductibles and possible redemption of them
The Geolocation of assets
Home delivery and pick-up of equipments via the "Valet" feature
Digitalized inventories of fixtures at the beginning and end of the rentals
All types of pricing (discounts, bundles, subscriptions, promotional codes, etc.)
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