KNAVE provides you with a responsive web portal to easily manage your new pay-per-use service.
This intuitive interface has been designed in close collaboration with operational experts in the management of rental activities to meet all needs.
Without interconnection to your own Information systems, you can monitor the performance of your fleets of assets and your distribution points without installation or maintenance costs and constraints.
The web interface allows you to access the following functionalities:
Customization of the parameters of your agencies (service hours, descriptions, ...)
Monitoring of key indicators such as occupancy rates or profitability by equipment
Signature of the inventory of fixtures at the beginning and end of rentals
Consultation of schedules via a detailed and interactive "Gant" view
Immobilization of an equipment (failure, maintenance, ...)
Validation of other paid or free uses (courtesy, assistance, loans, etc.)
Quotes and registration of BtoB reservations
Access to our support service for any need for assistance
Exceptional or permanent modification of your prices list.
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